Ravindra Joisa Photography
Ravindra K Joisa

Ravindra K Joisa is a resident of Bangalore and has spent his childhood days in Mangalore, Karnataka, India, and not surprisingly a typical Western Ghats (Rainforest, South West India) outdoor adventure lover. He is a software engineer by profession and has worked for some of the major IT giants. Along with his full-time IT job he has mixed his love of photography with his enthusiasm for travel and adventure. He has undertaken a variety of journeys that have led him to the far reaches of India in the Himalayas. Ravindra now specializes in photographic education and plans for leading photo tours on weekends.


  • Video published by Zee TV – India. (TV telecast and on the web). 
  • Mentor at Kashmir Great Lakes, Jammu & Kashmir, India – Aug’13.
  • Roopkund, Uttarakhand, India – May’14.
  • Mentor at many IT companies.
  • Worked on a corporate promotional video for EMC Corp.

Accomplishments (Photographer):

  • Official Photographer for various corporate events.
  • Official Photographer during Uttarakhand trek.
  • Photographer for various other trekking events.

Smart Photography


  • My interview on smart photography magazine – Link
  • Worked as a Candid photographer for the various wedding.
  • Have done various Event and Product photography.
  • Photos published in various magazines and advertisements.

Here are few:

One of my photos that got published on ‘Lonely Planet’.