Raw format - image after editing

Why shoot in RAW format?

Most of the photographers these days capture images in RAW format. Capturing images in RAW format has its own advantage than capturing an image in JPEG format. The option to […] Read More

Prevent Blur Photos - Ravindra Joisa Photography

Prevent Blur Photos

Captured an image and not wondering why the image is a blur? Well, this a common issues most of us face while capturing images. The main culprit is the camera shake […] Read More

power of Light

The Power of Light

Understanding the power of light is an important factor that is to be considered in photography. Light plays an important role, it can transform an image from an ordinary to […] Read More

Milky Way

Making of Milky Way Timelapse

The internet is full of amazing photos and videos. Timelapse is one category in between, it is a video made of photos captured at a certain predefined interval. Modern cameras […] Read More