Goa Trek – Day 7 – Anmod to Tambdi Surla

Anmod to Tambdi Sulra Goa trekDay seven of our Goa trek was a long hike. Starting from a village in Anmod in Karnataka state, through the dense rain forest all the way to Tambdi Surla in Goa. A place known for it’s ancient temple and historical importance. Day seven of our hike was mostly in the jungle, good for those who do research on birds. It takes half a day with approx 10 kms of distance to cover from Anmod to Tambdi Surla campsite.

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Anmod Village

Day seven of our trek started from Anmod campsite. We packed our backpack and hiked through the paddy fields (local cricket ground) of Anmod village. We could make a sense of how this place is and how the people were with limited resources, away from the city. The place is well connected with the highway on the other side of the village. This is the last place to fill water bottles, till you reach the next base camp. The village is few 100 meters from Anmod camp and the water source is close to a government school.

Through the dense rain forest

Continue your hike through the village and paddy fields. You can even follow the high power lines and few fenced fields till you reach the highway. Take a left and walk along the highway for about 200 meters till you see a mud road to the right that enters the forest. Make sure you have all the necessary forest permissions. The Karnataka forest entry charges were Rs. 275 per head as of this writing. You may find forest department officials checking your forest entry ticket at this point, after which you are allowed to continue your hike through the thick forest. As you continue your hike through the forest you get to hear birds of different kinds, an ideal place for bird watchers. It is a flat walk with hardly any ups and downs till you reach a man-made pit. This pit marks the end of Karnataka forest area and you will now be entering the Goa forest area. The trail from this place is hardly visible and is covered with dry leaves and goes all the way down. Continue your hike all the way down for about 90 minutes till you find some flat area where we took a break.

Tambdi Surla temple

We had almost reached the next campsite. After having packed lunch we continued our hike and within a kilometer, we could all of sudden, out of nowhere see the main tar road that connects the city to this place. You get to see few shops here as it is a tourist place. The road to the left is a dead end with a bridge and an entrance to an ancient Hindu temple – Mahadev temple, Tambdi Surla, built in 12th century. The temple is being worshiped even today and is under the ASI – Archeological survey of India. Right behind those shops is a public restroom which was clean (honestly, did not expect it to be clean) and it even had a bathroom, good for trekkers. There is a stream behind those shops which can be easily crossed. Continue with the hike for about five minutes from here till you reach your Tambdi Surla campsite. The other way to go to this temple is via behind Tambdi Surla temple. The campsite looked like some kind of resort and had rooms, a dining hall with all kind of drinks and a massage parlor. After completing seven days of the trek, few of our trekkers enjoyed the much-needed massage, a nice way to relax. It was fun to take a bath in the cold water at the stream nearby and to visit the Tambdi Surla temple, we enjoyed sitting in the dining hall (which had no walls) next to our campsite.

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