Canyon Trail – River Place Nature Trail, Austin, TX

The Canyon Trail is a picturesque, riverfront park offering a popular forested hiking trail, small waterfalls & wildlife views. River Place Nature Trail is an ideal weekend getaway if you are on a business trip to Austin. This place is about 20 minutes drive from Austin downtown or from Roundrock. Canyon trail is almost 3 miles long, one way, and has connectivity by road at both ends. On one end it starts with a mini lake with fountains in between.

Boardwalk _Canyon Trail - River Place Nature Trail by Ravindra Joisa
Boardwalk Canyon Trail; Image: Ravindra Joisa

Hiking Trail entrance

The Canyon trail begins with a boardwalk surrounding the lake followed by hiking next to a stream. If you are not keen to go on a hike for 2 hours, you might want to consider sitting on the bench on the boardwalk. This is a peaceful place when there is less crowd. Also, there is a fountain in the middle of the lake and forest around.

Gold course next to Canyon Trail
Gold course as seen from Canyon trail

The River Place Nature Trail

The trail is a continuous ascent and descent, next to a private golf course. You get to see the hilltop villas as you hike along the Canyon Trail. Even though the trail doesn’t feel like a trail in the rain forest, there is an abundant supply of water. All along the trail, you get to see a stream next to the trail. As you walk along there are wooden logs, to cross with a few marking along the trail showing the direction.

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Wild flowers and leaves - Canyon Trail Austin Texas
Wild berries and leaves

I visited this place in mid-December. As a result, the area appeared dry. You may spot some bright-colored leaves and wild berries on the way. The trail appears to be well maintained at some of the places. There was no entry fee back then when I visited. But at present, there is a $ 10 entry fee if you go on a hike on weekends. This is a perfect place if you want to go on a hike with your pet dog. The entry to this trail can also be done from the exit point. Both the ends are well connected by a motorable road.

Water Stream and Hiking Trail in Canyon Trail
Water Stream and Hiking Trail

Who can hike the Canyon Trail

To sum up, the hike is ideal for those who had never been out of the city and want to enjoy nature. Meanwhile, while hiking I saw few senior citizens who had come with their backpacks. They were practicing for a hike in Patagonia. Meanwhile, the hiking trail and mountains in Patagonia appear similar to those in the Himalayas in India. In short, I would say that this trail is good for beginners who have never experienced hiking. And for those who would love to go for a long walk daily with some ascent and descents. Also, an ideal practice trail for those who love to go for some moderate-level treks.

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Ravindra at Canyon Trail - River Place Nature Trail
Ravindra at Canyon Trail – River Place Nature Trail

As I had come to Roundrock on a business trip just before Christmas, I went on a hike to this place. Also, don’t forget to visit the famous riverwalk in San Antonio, during Christmas. This place appears well illuminated at the time of Christmas, late in the evening. Check out this video and consider subscribing to my YouTube channel.