Capturing the Little Dragon

Dragon Lizard

Captured this little dragon / Lizard in the wild using my telephoto lens. This is something you will find even in your garden sometimes. Interesting thing with this reptile is that it’s eye movement, the red dot above mouth and the pattern on it’s skin. I compare it’s eye with my camera lens while zooming in and out. The left and the right eye move independently. This looks like a mini version of the dragon and dinosaur from Dinosauria (Scientific Name) family.

This little dragon is a very shy reptile and goes away when you go close-by unless it is being brought up as a pet. It’s easy to capture this when you have a telephoto lens but when you have a shorter prime lens, you have no other option other than to go closer. Best thing is spend more time, by trying to move closer very slowly and keep capturing as you go closer. These reptiles are very quick and don’t stay for long when they know that you are close by. Here is another image which I captured in the garden using my prime lens.

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Same is the case with bird photography, move very slowly, it can take few minutes to hours sometimes. You need to have enough time and lot of patience to get that perfect shot. I have seen few friends who had come to photograph birds with a high end camera, but the mistake is they just run closer to capture a photo and scare the bird away. Finally they get a blurred, not in focus image of a flying bird. Gadgets/ Cameras are secondary and the way how an image is captured is the first thing that anyone should learn. Also, note that I have moved around and have kept the background dark.

Camera and Lens used: Nikon D600, 50mm prime, 70-300mm