Capturing Pykara waterfall

Pykara waterfalls long exposure shot
Pykara Waterfall

Captured this long exposure shot at Pykara waterfall while travelling from Ooty to Bangalore via Mysore in India. It’s almost a kilometer walk from the highway to reach this place and the waterfall is not too high. This article is about how to capture shots of this kind and will not cover much about the travel to this place.

An image of this kind is a long exposure shot where you need to keep your camera still. I have not used a tripod here while capturing this image as I did not carry one at that time. For all long exposure shots, it is a must to have tripod and a remote wireless trigger. But trying a long exposure shot on a bright sunny day can create an over exposed image. Here are few tips:

  • Use tripod to avoid camera shake.
  • Use timer or wireless trigger, again to avoid camera shake.
  • Capture image in RAW format.
  • On a bright sunny day, use polarized glass / higher stop filters as one of the filters  to avoid overexposed image.
  • As you are having a slower shutter, increasing aperture (f16+) to a much higher value would be better so that aperture isn’t wide open and it allows less light to the sensor.

Always remember to capture images in RAW format so that just in case if the image is under or over exposed you can always recover it while post processing the image. Try to get everything right within the camera instead of being too dependent on post editing softwares. Checkout my previous two articles on how to deal with under exposed and over exposed images and recover the image.

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These tips apply not just for the Pykara waterfalls but also for any of the waterfalls and the camera settings depending on the local lighting conditions. So, the next time you travel to a place like Pykara waterfalls don’t forget to remember these points if you want to get the silky smooth/ milky affect while capturing the image. Follow me on social media for more updates of this kind.