Controlling picture taking process

Controlling picture taking process

Most people make this common mistake of not knowing in and out of their camera and have no clue about controlling the picture taking process. Whatever your camera be, whether you have a Nikon D5 or Nikon 3200 camera body, if you don’t know how your camera works then there is no point in investing so much money on camera gear.

Learn the technical stuff about camera first irrespective of the camera that you have. Once you buy a camera, learn what each button does and what options you have in that camera. Once you know these settings and buttons, picture taking process becomes easy. It is like knowing where the gear, breaks, clutch and accelerator are, knowing where the indicator switches are while learning to drive. Once you master these you don’t have to think about these while driving as we do these automatically without even looking at these. Same is the case with your camera settings. Once you know where and what these settings are and when to use, the picture taking process becomes much easier.

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How do you do these? Well, first go through the manual or videos available online and know what each button does. Get familiarized with these buttons and settings present in the camera menu. Second, understand the basics – Aperture (check – basics of aperture), Shutter, and ISO. Sit in once place, with the same subject in front of your camera, play with these three and compare the images. Next, think about composing images. I have seen many who capture in Auto mode. I don’t say that auto mode is wrong. But, use auto mode once you know manual mode in depth and explore those possibilities that your camera can capture, which cannot be captured using auto mode or in other modes.

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If you already know about these, then try to play around with the natural and artificial light, tripods, long exposure shots, filters and polarizers. Once you master these which comes by practice, you don’t have to worry about the technical side of an image or the picture taking process and instead you will start enjoying photography.

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