Cycling at Turahalli Forest

turahalli forestTurahalli forest, a perfect place for a short, weekend outing. Located on the outskirts of Bangalore city. An ideal location for morning walks or for first-time cyclists. The area comes under forest department and is protected. You may not find wildlife here other than peacocks.
This place is about 16 kilometers from Silkboard flyover and an ideal place to be to keep yourself away from the traffic and crowd without leaving the Bangalore city. There are two hills and once you reach on top, you will find a temple on each of the hills. The view that you get to see from the top is beautiful and relaxing. For those who want to practice some advanced level of mountain biking in the Himalayan slopes or in the western ghats , this would be the perfect place, to begin with.
I had purchased my brand new cycle (Polygon Premier 3 mountain bike) and this was my first ride. It was Saturday morning. I really enjoyed the ride all the way till I reached Turahalli forest as we had to ride on good flat tar roads via Banashankari. It was weekend and as expected there was less traffic. The road is all mud and is good for mountain bikers. We brought down the gear and managed to pedal all the way up till we reached the peak. Took a break, parked our mountain bikes in front of the temple next to banyan tree and enjoyed the view. We went around and explored the place. We took some photographs sitting next to the pond. After spending some time here we continued downhill till the entrance and then took the road to the right which took us to the second hill. Spent some time having snacks under the banyan tree, in front of the second temple. Again, the view from this place is beautiful. A perfect place to meditate I would say, truly peaceful, not so crowded.
We explored this place and by noon, we were heading downhill. Good place for a short weekend trip or for a team outing. Check out the video below of myself cycling at Turahalli forest. The video is a bit shaky as I have been experimenting with my new Yi action camera. Give a thumbs up and don’t forget to follow me on social media for more updates and photos.