4000 years old Domkhar Rock Art Sanctuary

Domkhar rock art sanctuary is located at Domkhar village in Leh, next to the banks of Indus river. The place is known for artwork that was made by travelers in the pre-historic times. People in this region grow apricot and apple, which is the main source of income. This place is for those who love the historic artwork by our great ancestors. There are numerous rock carved figures, thought to date back between 2000 and 4000 years.

Leh rock art

About Domkhar rock art sanctuary

There is an entry ticket of Rs. 30 including butter tea and snacks. The area is a private property and we could visit owner’s house. This was an opportunity for us to know the locals, their living lifestyle etc. The hall had colorful carpet and paintings. We had the local tea, made of tea, yak milk, butter, and salt, along with dry fruits and some fresh apricot.

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The backyard of owner’s house is the Domkhar rock art sanctuary and also the farm land. In the farmland, they grow apple and apricot which is then dried. This product is then packed and exported or sold in the local market. There is an option to buy these as well which is much cheaper than what is available outside. One kilogram of dry apricot was approx 300 rupees.

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We walked further to the Domkhar rock art sanctuary. The prehistoric carvings on shiny black stone were amazing. Right next to the bank of river Indus, is the Domkhar rock art sanctuary, where most of the tourists in the prehistoric times stayed overnight or for few days before continuing their journey. The artwork is amazing and is in good condition. The carvings are mainly of the ancient hunting scenes, various animals, anthropomorphic figures, written text, religious and other symbols.

If you are around Lamayuru, then it is a must visit the place. You have an option to even buy some local herbal medicines, honey, dry fruits at Domkhar rock art sanctuary. Check out the video below to get an idea of the place. Subscribe to my blog and to my youtube channel and follow me on social media for more updates.