Goa Trek – Day 4 – Cansaulim to Dudhsagar Camp

Cansaulim beach to Dudhsagar trek

Day four of Goa trek from Cansaulim to Dudhsagar camp was of great fun. After spending the whole day on day 3 at Benaulim, Cansaulim beach etc., day 4 was exactly opposite as the entire trail was in the forest. First 45 kilometers was by train, followed by the muddy jeep trail and crossing of seven streams in the forest. We don’t get to see the Dudhsagar waterfall on this day, but we reach the campsite which is very close to Dudhsagar waterfalls. The entire 10 kilometers trail is next to railway track, even though you may not see the track, you can definitely hear the goods train honking and loud noise from its engines. On day four, you will cross the highest number of streams. The water in the streams is from Dudhsagar falls and our trekking zig zag trail is parallel to the stream, railway track, and the jeep route.

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We had our breakfast and packed our lunch and backpack at Campal Sports Complex which is close to Cansaulim beach. We walked for about 10 minutes till we reached Cansaulim railway station. After waiting for a while, we took the passenger train to Colem which is about 45 kilometers. The train journey is for about 90 minutes and you get to see the highways, rivers, streams, forests, mangroves, the village life etc. It was nice speaking to the locals in the train who were speaking in Marathi, Konkani, Kannada, Hindi and English. I had my own language which was a mix of all these languages. 🙂

We reached Colem railway station and crossed the track to reach the other side. Most tourists take a jeep from here and go all the way to Dudhsagar waterfalls. This is the last place where you can find shops and the last residential area. We followed the jeep trail and entered the mud route. The first stream crossing was just 10 minutes walk from the taxi stand. You get to see too many jeeps full of tourists crossing this stream. Soon after crossing the stream, we continued the muddy jeep trail till we entered the main entrance. Get forest entry ticket. The forest that you enter is the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park. Our trail continued in and out of the jeep trail, next to train track, crossing multiple streams. It’s better not to wear trekking shoes and wear something that you can easily remove as you will be crossing over seven streams. On the way, you get to see few viewpoints next to the stream and man-made check dams and wooden bridges.

Continue the trail till you reach the Dudhsagar campsite. At the campsite, we could see Hornbill bird, a giant brown squirrel with a white tail. There is an old house at this campsite and their beetle nut farmland. Right next to the campsite is the stream where you can take a bath (remember not to use soap). It may be cold at night here at Dudhsagar campsite and you can hear the train making too much noise and it’s doppler effect as it enters the tunnel and goes far away. The train takes a U-turn around the campsite and climbs up. You can see the train movement high above and move in and out of the tunnel. It used to be perfect silent for a while and then suddenly a roar of sound from the engines as the train that comes out of the tunnel. We heard some really strange noise at night and it was believed to be of deer. There is no power at this campsite, we were lucky to have an LED light in our tent as someone in our trekking group carried a 5-kilogram battery all the way. It was fun.

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