High Altitude Meadows

Auli Bugyal Meadows, Uttarakhand, India

You might have seen meadows during your hiking trail but do you know the most beautiful, scenic, largest and a high altitude meadows is in India. Yes, it is Asia’s largest high altitude meadows – the Bugyal (Auli bugyal, Bedni bugyal) in Uttarakhand, India. You get to see these high altitude meadows during your Roopkund trek trail, provided you go via Didina village. To know more about Roopkund trail via Didina village check out my previous posts on the Roopkund trail. Some of the notable bugyals are the Auli, Bedni, Dayara, Tungnath, Gorson bugyals. Most of these bugyals are in the 10,000 plus feet high range.

Auli bugyal is considered as the most beautiful meadows in Uttarakhand, India by National Geographic – link and Bedni bugyal is the most beautiful campsite in the entire trail. This place is like paradise for trekkers and there is enough place to play cricket. To go to Roopkund this is the common point whether you start from Wan or Lohajung via Didina village. It is a two days trek to reach this bugyal. The landscape is just too good and cannot be described in words, you need to be there to get a feel of it. Also, this is the last place where you get something to buy. There is a small a maggie point where you get maggie, egg, biscuits, hot tea, snacks etc. Try this food if you are sick of the food provided by the trekking group. Most of us just entered this place while coming back from Roopkund.

Sunset at Bedni Bugyal camp site

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Posted by Ravindra Joisa Photography on Tuesday, July 1, 2014

From Auli bugyal, you get to see the snow covered Himalayan mountain range. The view is just too good. You get to see government built bunkers soon after you leave Auli bugyal and enter the Bedni bugyal. You can camp there or at Bedni Bugyal. There is an old man made structure, old temples, and a huge pond. Sunset is spectacular and the sunrise is, even more, making the snow covered mountains change it’s color to bright orange and Mt. Trishul’s plume high above is the god of all mountains in this region. Check out the videos below. Don’t forget to follow me on social media and subscribe to my YouTube channel and to my blog.