Hire a Photographer not the Brand

Hire Photographer not brandWhen you hire a photographer for your wedding or any other event there are few things that you need to know. Do not blindly hire a photographer just by looking at the price tag or the brand name. I have seen few senior relatives of mine who said we have hired professional photographers from XYZ brand. Let me give few reasons as to why it would not be a good idea to blindly opt for a brand, who are into photography business for a while and who have a studio opened in every corner of the city. Higher the price tag doesn’t always mean that the professional photography brand can get you the best of best results.

The so-called brand XYZ will have N number of branches within and outside the city. These brands might have started with few photographers and photo editors and might have been good till they got that brand name. They will definitely have all the camera gear needed to cover the event. These brands as they grow hire more photographers and editors in a hurry to expand. These photographers and photo editors cover multiple events in a week and get a fixed monthly salary or hired on contract basis.

All the above are ok but why I do not recommend is that the photographer hired for the event will not be too much worried about how the final output would be as he is working for someone else and not his own brand. Same goes with the photo editors. These brands are not worth paying for the kind of photos or prints that they deliver. Most of the assistant photographers or photo editors are underpaid and these brands are into money making and not very much worried about quality.

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Posted by Ravindra Joisa Photography on Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A photographer’s work is usually uploaded on his or her own website and their social media page. When you hire a photographer from a brand, you never know who the photographer is or how experienced they are. I see college and school kids who are being hired as photographers by these brands and these college kids enjoy doing it during their vacation time. They just hit the shutter button without they knowing even the basics of photography and rest is taken case during post processing. Just imagine how good that unknown photographer’s work would be in capturing those most important moments? Whereas individual photographers concentrate and focus on their assignment as they don’t work for anyone. Individual photographers cover approx 20 to 30 events in a year and are more focused in doing their job. They do most of the work on their own, they have their own style of capturing those important moments and also the retouching/ post editing work.

“Look for individual brand than a big brand”

You can see an individual photographer’s work much before you hire them for an event. So, you will know what exactly to expect and how good their work is which is not the case with the brand. You can interact, customize and plan by speaking to the photographer directly. The terms and conditions are a bit more relaxed when compared to the brand. Remember that just because you pay more for a brand doesn’t mean that you get the best. Look at an individual photographer’s work and don’t blindly book.

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