Kanji – A remote village in the Himalayas

Kanji, an extremely remote place in the Himalayas. The village is about 12 kilometers from Haniskot which is in between Kargil- Leh highway NH1 and is accessible for just 4 months in a year. Kanji is known for its extreme landscape and dangerous route that connects Haniskot and Kanji.Kanji village - Leh - Haniskot

Getting there

Kanji is 12 kilometers and the only way access to this place is via a village named Haniskot. Haniskot is located on the road connecting Kargil – Leh, National Highway One. There is a tar road connecting Haniskot and Kanji. The road comes under India’s PGSY – Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana. The route starts with a steep descent followed by a gradual 10-degree climb all the way till Kanji. The roads are narrow and prone to the landslide in case of heavy rain, even though heavy rain in this region is extremely rare. The roads are next to a stream (even though it looked more like a river) all the way till you reach the village Kanji.

The village Kanji

The people here in this place are mainly Buddhists and there are three monasteries. There is just one grocery cum Tea shop. There are a total of 52 households and a primary school. The main occupation in this area is agriculture, even though this place is covered with heavy snow for six to eight months a year. Luckily, this place is now connected with a good road which is the lifeline. Lovely people to talk to and the high school kids love to play cricket.

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To conclude, I would say that this remote place Kanji is a must visit place if you want to see the extreme roads, a remote village, camping next to the agricultural land. Do not expect any kind of telephone network, power, gas or water supply. This is an ideal place for those traveling by bike or car or a campervan. Not too many visitors visit this place as many are not aware of it. Watch the video below to get an idea of my travel experience to this place and do not forget to subscribe to my channel.