Moonland to Skurbuchan – Leh Mountain Biking – Day 2

Moonland - Leh mountain biking

Day two of mountain biking expedition is from Lamayuru to Skurbuchan via Domkhar. The first 5 kilometer is all down hill, covering Moonland and multiple hairpin curves. The rest of the route is all flat, on the banks of Indus river. We stopped at Domkhar for lunch and visited Rock Art sanctuary. Post lunch we continued our cycling all the way till our next campsite at Skurbuchan.

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Lamayuru is a famous tourist place. Visit the monastery at Lamayuru. We camped just outside the village next to National Highway one (NH1). The place where we camped is known by the name ‘Moonland’. It is a special kind of mud in the mountain slopes here in this area. On a full moon day, the mountain slope glows because of this special kind of mud and hence the name Moonland.

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Check out this video below – part1:

The ride from Moonland is all downhill for the next five to eight kilometers. The route is full of hairpin curves. You can expect light traffic as it is the national highway one connecting Kargil and Leh. You just need to have control over breaks, no need to pedal, just rest comfortably on the saddle and enjoy the ride and view around.
Once you reach all the way down, there is a stream to the right and a Buddhist temple on the other side of the stream. Continue all along the flat road till you reach a war memorial. Visit this memorial and take a sharp left, to join the Indus valley road. The ride of rest of the day is all along the banks of river Indus. We stopped at Domkar village, filled our water bottles and had lunch next to a stream.

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Post lunch we continued for a while after which visited a historic place known by the name Domkar Stone Art Sanctuary. Follow my blog post for more details on this sanctuary (will be uploading the video soon). After visiting this place we cycled further and took almost a flat road till our campsite in a village at Skurbuchan. The campsite is next to Apricot farm. Don’t miss the view of gold colored mountain peaks at the time of sunset.

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