Mount Kanamo Basecamp High altitude Himalayan Trek

Kibber village, a beautiful small village with a few uniquely build Tibetian-style buildings. The place is known for Snow leopards, Himalayan Yak, Himalayan Ibex, and many more. The place is known for some of the deepest canyons (on the way to Chicham village). Also, Mount Kanamo is almost 70 percent the height of Mt Everest. The villagers are mainly into agriculture and livestock. You will also find many homestays here in this area. The nearest town is Kaza.

Hiker @ravindra at Kibber - ready to trek Mount Kanamo
Ravindra at Kibber village

Hiking to the Mount Kanamo basecamp

Soon after crossing the village, you cross numerous fields growing green peas and wheat. Starting with a steep ascent for the first 3 hours, the trail evens out a little thereafter. This is where you get to see the first glimpse of Mount Kanamo which is at 19600 ft above sea level. There is some level walk and then a gradual ascent again. On the way, you pass next to a pond, where we had our packed lunch. The last 2 hours of the trek are extremely tiresome but are the most picturesque with some amazing landscape. This is where trekkers get the first symptoms of altitude sickness.

Glacier as viewed from Mount Kanamo basecamp
View from Mount Kanamo basecamp

About Mount Kanamo Basecamp

KBC – Kanamo basecamp is at approx 16000 ft. Once you reach the campsite spend another 1 or 2 days to get acclaimed to this new altitude. It was pouring outside with heavy lightning and thunderstorm, later that day and we spent our time inside the tent. This is the last place where you will find a water source. Even the wild animals come to this place to drink water. The view of the landscape around is breathtaking. The view shows how extreme, wild and harsh the landscape is. The region around is famous for many other Himalayan treks too.

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Camping at Mount Kanamo basecamp
Mount Kanamo basecamp

Wildlife at Mount Kanamo basecamp

We were lucky to see the rainbow and a few unique Himalayan wild animals which I have posted on my Instagram profile. The region is under the Kibber wildlife sanctuary and is illegal to do any kind of campfire or hunting. Some of the wildlife includes Himalayan Yaks, Himalayan Ibex. If you go further from this area towards the glacier or the other side of Mount Kanamo, then there are higher chances of finding snow leopards. These animals shy away from humans and we have to be responsible enough not to disturb them in any kind.


That was the hike from Kibber to Mount Kanamo basecamp. As this region comes under a wildlife protection zone, do not be surprised if hiking is not allowed once you reach there. Check with the locals. Note that this is not a regular hike, but a summit climb. You might want to check my YouTube video below to get an idea of the trail. Hope you enjoyed watching the video and I will be sharing my attempt at Kanamo Peak in the upcoming video. Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe. For more on travel stories or to watch another video, click the links on the screen now, or head over to

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