The Power of Light

power of Light

Understanding the power of light is an important factor that is to be considered in photography. Light plays an important role, it can transform an image from an ordinary to an extraordinary image. To get those striking images, one should be able to see the light, understand light, direction of light, time at which the image is captured and know about camera sensor, so that the same is captured in the final image output.

At what time of the day the image is captured plays an important role. Capturing image during the golden hours, in morning at the time of sunrise and in the evening at the time of sunset,  you get the best of images when compared to those images that are captured during daytime under bright light. What I love about the light during golden hours is it brings in dramatic effects to my images. As you can see in the above image the bright orange colour in the Arabian Sea is from the sunset and reflection of light is being captured here. It is important to choose the right light for your image and when you photograph, the timing of the day matters a lot to get that striking image. Image captured during daytime or at noon is usually flat and too bright.  Using a polarizer  will definitely help to provide those reflections and glare.

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Here is an image of mine captured at Dal Lake, Kashmir, India late in the evening soon after sunset published by ‘Lonely Planet’.

The power of light can be controlled can be controlled using your camera as well. This is not a replacement for golden hours, but you can control the light that enters the sensor by playing with the aperture, ISO and shutter. Warm light appears better and creates a pleasing effect on the human eye, which can be done by increasing the kelvin from cooler (blue) to warm (yellow/orange) while post processing an image or in the camera settings by setting the white balance. If you want to capture the natural warm light in camera, then it’s possible only during the golden hours. So, be ready with the composition of your image and capture when the light is warm. Understanding the power of light will really help you in getting those incredible “Wow” kind of images.

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