Roopkund Trek – Day 2 – Lohajung to Didina

Didina Campsite at Roopkund

Didina Homestay. Copyrighted to Ravindra Joisa

Day 1 was more of travelling from Kathgodam railway station to Lohajung by Jeep. Check out my previous post to know more about day 1 here: Roopkund Trek – Day 1 – Jeep Ride.

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Day 2 was a bright sunny day and we were ready soon after having an early breakfast from our base camp – Lohajung. This is where the actual trekking begins. Lohajung to Didina is a 8 kms long, 5 hours of trekking through the forest. First half of the trek (for about 2 hours) is a gentle slope crossing the bridge and Neel Ganga river. It’s fun to cross Neel Ganga as there are wooden logs kept on top of stones and you need to cross the river balancing on top of it. From here till Didina camp its a steep climb for about three hours. 

Bridge made by locals to cross Neel Ganga river.

Posted by Ravindra Joisa Photography on Saturday, June 21, 2014

Didina camp site is a beautiful place and we stayed in a home stay. There is enough space in front where we played cricket and in the evening we went around exploring Didina village. We had early dinner and most of them went back to sleep as we had to continue with trekking early next day to the next camp site. I stayed back a bit late outside all alone and captured few low light images. The above image is of our home stay at night. Note that there is no charging point at this place and there is just one solar lamp as of this writing.

About the image: I used my tripod to keep the camera stable, a remote wireless trigger to capture this image. It was dark outside, no noise pollution, cold and we were informed not to go outside at night as this place is known for wild animals around.  I managed to get few long exposure shots. Used my torch light (you may try with the external flash) for few seconds during the 30 secs camera exposure. This made the building appear good in the foreground and in the background is the night sky. An exposure of more than 30 seconds would have made the starts blur as they move. Ideal would be to keep the exposure settings to 20-25 seconds.

Camera Settings: Nikon D600, f 2.8, 20 sec, ISO 2500, 14mm, Tripod, Torch Light.

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