Roopkund Trek – Day 4 – Bedni Bugyal to Pathar Nachauni

Bedni Bugyal to Pathar Nachauni - Roopkund Trek

This is the day four of Roopkund trek from Bedni Bugyal to Pathar Nachauni. The day starts with beautiful walk in the meadows with a steep climb for about an hour from Bedni Camp site till you reach the trail. Followed by this is the gradual twenty degree climb till you reach a point where you can see the other side of the hill. From this place it’s again a gradual twenty degree descent till you reach Pathar Nachauni campsite. Over all it’s an easy day provided you stop for the day at Pathar Nachauni.

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Posted by Ravindra Joisa Photography on Friday, July 4, 2014

Day 4 is an easy trek where you need to cover a distance of about 4 to 5 kms and not much or an altitude gain or loss. After the initial climb its a gradual ascent followed by gradual descent all the way till Pathar Nachauni. There are two ways to reach Bedni Bugyal. One is as mentioned in the above articles, Lohajung to Bedni Bugyal via Didina village and the other is from Lohajung to Wan by jeep and then trek to Bedni Bugyal via Ghaeroli Patal. Wake up early in the morning to see some spectacular view of the snow covered golden peaks around the camp site. This will last for few minutes just before and soon after the sunrise, in photography terms – the ‘golden hours’, ideal for photography. Go around the camp site and enjoy the early morning walk. You have less trekking to do on this day, but I would recommend you leave the camp site on time and reach Pathar Nachauni early so that you get some time before you climb really steep all the way to Kallu Vinayak on the next day or on the same day depending on you or your guide.

Once you are done with your breakfast at Bedni Bugyal, get ready with your backpack for a vertical climb for about an hour till you reach the man made trail that goes all the way to Roopkund. As you start your climb near the Bedni Bugyal campsite there is a pond with a huge man made compound wall made of stones and a temple in the middle of the pond – Bedni Kund. You can also find few remains of the temple outside. Locals pray here before they climb hoping to have a good day, good weather and a safe return from Roopkund. Followed by this go around the Bedni Kund. If there is water in the pond then don’t forget to capture the reflection of the mountains and snow covered peaks. Once you are done, start with the steep climb for about 45 minutes. This can make you breathless till you reach the Roopkund trail. One you reach the trail take a 5 minutes break. There will be no water source anywhere around till you reach the next camp site.

Once you reach the trail, just follow the trail which is a gradual twenty degree climb full of curves and snow patches for a kilometer or two. Continue the trail till you reach the peak or till you see the other side of the mountain, where you can see the trail that continues to descend. Take a short break here and it’s time for some photography. On the way don’t forget to look back at Bedni Bugyal campsite which looks like an ant in the large green meadows. Also the landscape is so vast that you can see the shadows of the cloud and the movement of these shadows. If you are lucky then you may also find vultures here in this place. It’s hard to identify if it’s a vulture or an eagle when it’s flying. From this peak, you get to see 360 degree landscape view full of mountains.


After a short break continue to trek along the trail, its a flat walk for a while followed by gradual descent. There is a proper man made trail and you can easily walk without any difficulty. Continue for another hour and you will reach Pathar Nachauni campsite. There are huge green bunkers where you will find some flat land to camp or just another 100 meters below there is a bit of flat land with some water source, where you can camp for the day. If you reach this place early then you might consider to trek further like how we did till Bhagwabhasa which is another 5 hours of trek which includes a steep 3 to 4 hours climb via Kallu Vinayak. I would recommend you to stay back at Pathar Nachauni campsite and take rest or get acclimatized to this altitude. We managed to reach Bhagwabhasa on the same day but were extremely tired. Some even had mild fever on the next day morning and did not manage to climb till Roopkund. So, it’s better to stay back at Pathar Nachauni campsite. Meanwhile you can explore and enjoy the view here in this place on one side.


Roopkund Trek in the Himalayas, #india

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Pathar Nachauni campsite is a bit isolated and you will only find peaks on three sides and a deep valley on the other side. Weather can change drastically here in no time and will be extremely cold at night. Right opposite to the camp site or just below the Kallu Vinayak is a beautiful waterfall formed by melting of snow. Not sure about its hight, but it was really high and not many noticed this. The place is very quite and feel lonely at times and sometime you just wonder what’s on the other side mountain once you cross Kallu Vinayak. You can see few people/trekkers reaching Kallu Vinayak after which they disappear and there is mystery. You just wonder sometimes as to where they go. Follow my blog on social media to know what the mystery is or to know about Day 5 of Roopkund trek. Also, in the next blog post I will be sharing the images of day 4 and 5.