Roopkund Trek – Day 3 – Didina to Bedni Bugyal

Didina village to Ali Bugiyal Day 3 of Roopkund trek starts from Didina village home stay. We were lucky to get a place in Didina to stay overnight in a home stay. Didina village is a small village where there is no electricity and people depend on solar lamps. Small streams in and around Didina village is enough for farming, cultivation and daily use. This is the last village after which you will not find any other human settlement. The trail goes through the village to the other end and there is a bridge that you need to cross. There is a stream below and around are the bright yellow flowers. Take a 5 minutes break and capture few photos of the stream.

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The next stop is on top at Ali Bugyal meadows and you can find the patch of meadows of Ali bugyal from Didina village that is V shaped. After crossing the stream over the bridge is the steep climb for another 3 hours through the Oak and Rhododendron forest. The local weather can change in no time and it’s always better to keep the rain cover handy. Don’t forget to switch off the electronic items here as the lightening and thunder is common in this area. The forest is thick and there are chances of you missing the trail as the trail is fully covered with dry brown leaves.

Once you cross the forest, you will have to continue to walk on meadows and gain altitude for another 15 minutes till you reach the peak. This place is the famous Ali Bugyal, one of Asia’s largest high altitude meadows. We had our packed lunch and took a break of 30 minutes. It took us about 4 hours to reach this place from Didina village. Enjoy the scenery around. On one side is the snow covered Himalayan range and on the other 3 sides you will find huge mountain slopes. This is the right place for some photographs and selfies. You will not get any kind of mobile signal at Ali bugyal, so don’t waste your mobile battery in trying to upload those selfie pics.

Continue to walk on meadows. You can take your shoes off here in this place. Walking on green carpet full of small yellow, blue and purple flowers won’t hurt your legs much. As you walk further, you will find many wild horses that roam around freely and graze in these high altitude meadows. This place is so quite and peaceful with beautiful scenic landscape view around. To the right you will find a government built green bunker. You can either camp there or continue further till Bedni Bugyal. From green bunker, there is a proper trail that goes up in a zig-zag way, followed by a flat trail. Continue to walk further till you reach Bedni Bugyal.

Bedni bugyal is one of the best campsites, you will have to climb down for about 1o minutes to reach this place. On one side you can see Mount Trishul and the trail that continues further towards Roopkund looks more like the landscape from Leh Ladak, full of dry brown mountain range and on the other side is the green carpet. Enjoy the evening sunset here with hot cut of tea or soup. This campsite has enough ground to play cricket. Also, there is a small shop where you get some cold drinks, maggie, egg, tea and bread for double the price. I enjoyed this place the most and explored this place by going around the camp site with my camera. You can enjoy the late evening by setting up camp fire and have fun. Also, this is the best place to get your tripod out and try some long exposure and night shots and some timelapse shots in the evening. If you are lucky then you might get to see some vultures, try to photograph them.

Checkout the video below in HD or 480p+ that shows timelapse and photos that I had captured on day 3 and subscribe to my Youtube channel for more videos. Don’t forget to follow me on social media.