Sakar to Haniskot – Leh Mountain Biking – Day 4

Our stay in a guest house next to the stream at Sakar was great fun. We explored the place and started cycling, crossing small villages, till we reached the national highway 1. The landscape around is so beautiful and looks like painting with high contrast. The landscape is so unique, the soil erosion forms unique structures, untouched by the humans. The mountains in the background, the green patch in between and the river in the foreground looks very much like the one from our primary school painting class textbooks. On day 4 we covered a distance of 38 kilometers from Sakar 2 to Haniskot via Sanjak.

Sakar to Haniskot

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Day3 – Skurbuchan to Sakar

Sakar to Haniskot – Day 4

Sakar is a beautiful campsite right next to the stream which later joins the river Indus. We stayed in an under-constructed government guest house and spent the evening exploring the campsite and the nearby village. It is usually cold at night an ideal place for the campfire. Explore the villages in and around Sakar village. Try to have something unique in Sakar, maybe the butter tea, the local bread and try staying in one of their homes, it is a unique experience after all. Furthermore, make friends with the locals and they can be good portraits if you love portrait photography or if you want to shoot some documentary.

Cross the river and continue on the route that we had taken on day 3. There are many shops as we pedal and cross many villages and farmland. We get to ride in the green patches and through the agricultural lands right next to the river and the dark multi-shaded brown mountain peaks. Continue to pedal up and down the mountain and follow the road till you reach National Highway 1. Take a left at this junction that goes to Leh. The road to the right is a route that takes you to Kargil and Srinagar.

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The route to the left is the most scenic. There are local shops on the way where you can take a break and enjoy the scenic place. Continue to cycle till you reach Haniskot, another scenic place.  Finally, we stayed at the government bungalow/ guest house right next to the highway. A kilometer from this bungalow is a road to the right which takes you to a place named Kanji which is about 12 kilometers from the junction. The ride to this place is breathtaking. I will be sharing the details shortly. Follow my blog and on social media to get the latest updates. Also, watch the YouTube video below and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.