Skurbuchan to Shakar – (A wonderful cycling experience on day 3)

Day three of our cycling, from Skurbuchan to Shakar was another exciting one. Cycling next to the Indus river on Indus valley road, the amazing landscape, cycling through the apricot farmland, river crossing, cycling next to the stream, cycling downhill and extremely tiring uphill followed by camping next to the stream.

Ravindra Joisa at campsite Mountain Biking

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Where to stay in Skurbuchan?

If you are traveling solo to this beautiful remote village in Skurbuchan then you might want to consider staying at homestays at Aryan valley. There are places where you can camp and on the way you will find small shops where some of the rations are available which is good enough if you are planning to camp. Also, there is a government guesthouse. Watch this video below to know more.

About Skurbuchan

Skurbuchan village is located above the Indus in western Ladakh, approximately 125 kilometers from Leh. The name of the settlement comes from a native fruit called ‘Skyur,’ which is exclusively cultivated in and near the village. The village, with a population of over 2000 people, is one of the largest in the region. Beautiful river streams, lush green meadows, and delightful walks make this settlement a perfect addition to any Ladakh itinerary. The settlement boasts a big Buddha statue on a mountaintop overlooking the entire village, from where you can admire the grandeur of Skurbuchan. Skurbuchan is also significant as the entryway to the well-known Aryan communities.

Skur Buchan to Shakar

At Skurbuchan campsite, enjoy the morning walk around the apricot farm and the local village. Have breakfast, pack your bags, and check for tire pressure before cycling. Take the mud route till you reach the main road. The route is mainly flat or downhill next to the river Indus, crossing a few villages. It is a long ride with hardly any water source.

The river water is all silt and cannot be used for drinking. It is dangerous to get all the way down to the river and also, the rapid flow of water, doesn’t make this a safe place to get to the water. It is hard to find any shop on the way and we stopped at Indus cafe for a small tea break which is just before the Sanjak bridge.

Places to visit in Skurbuchan

When you go on a cycling expedition, it may not be possible to cover all the places as you need to stick on to the time and the scheduled plan. With YHAI it is strict and you cannot deviate from the plan unless you have approval from your guide, else you may be out of the expedition. But, if you are going solo which I recommend, or if you are on a casual vacation visiting on your own then you might want to consider visiting Buddha Statue, Skurbuchan Monastery, Indus River, Dah, and Hanu (Aryan Villages).

Skurbuchan to Sakar

Sanjak Bridge – Crossing the river Indus

Continue to pedal further till you reach a bridge that takes you to a village. The route from this place to our campsite is all uphill and is extremely tiring. We managed to pedal switching between first and second gear, with multiple breaks till we reached the next village. We had packed lunch and explored the place and had some fresh juicy apricot.

Post lunch we continued further uphill, but not too steep, next to steam. The landscape here isn’t too dry and is full of trees and farmland. After cycling for almost 2 hours we crossed the stream and stayed at an under-construction government guest house. It was almost dark and we spent some time next to the stream. The place is now called the Tourist facilitation center, where you will have an option to stay. Also, just outside this place, you can even camp adjacent to the facilitation center on the river bank.

On day 4 we went further from Shakar to Haniskot with some stunning and scenic landscapes. To get a sense of the location, watch the video above. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. Buy me a coffee to support my work or you can go to my store to buy some of my images. Also, do not forget to join my FriendZone by signing up for my newsletter and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel.

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