Trek from Gadsar to Satsar – Day 5

Gasdsar to Satsar Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Start of day 5 was another beautiful morning in the Himalayas. Wake up early in the morning to view the mist and snow covered mountain peaks. Your campsite is deep in the valley and not on mountain peak. We were stuck in this campsite for almost 2 days because of heavy rain. There is no way we can go back to the starting point to exit out of this trek as we had already crossed Gadsar pass and the only way is to trek further and complete the trek. Enjoy the beautiful morning around the camp site photographing and get ready for the day 5 of Kashmir Great Lakes trek.

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Day 5 of trekking starts with crossing of an ice patch bridge over an ice cold stream. The force/current of water was too high, maybe because it had rained for 2 days continuously. We were lucky to see the huge crack in the show patch bridge which can be very dangerous. Managed to get around this huge crack and get into the other side of the stream. Followed by this is the steep climb for about an hour. There is a narrow trail and one wrong move can be fatal on a rainy day with slippery trail. We continued to trek further. There was a bit of confusion on whether to trek further up or just continue in the same trail. We just continued for another half a kilometer and then realized that it was not the trail and we had to walk back and climb up on a different trail. But the wrong trail was worth the trek because of the landscape view that we could see from there. Beautiful landscape with mountains all around covered with green carpet like grass and in the slopes you will find multiple small huts and few pine trees with smoke coming out of that house. For photographers that would have been an ideal shot. It was raining and I managed to get few shots. The streams on the other side of the mountains looked like waterfall as shown above.

We went back to our actual trail and continued to trek further. You could find few shepherds with their sheep and goats in the slopes. There was one point, more like a view point were we stopped for few minutes. This is the place where the valley below got split into two, one to the right and other to the left where we had to go. The landscape from this place was just awesome, had never in my life seen such big, gigantic, huge mountain slopes – the great Himalayas. It was more of a flat walk in the mountain slopes after this. We continued further and there was another stream where the water entered into the mountain, and god knows where the exit is. The water just enters the mountain more like a train entering a tunnel, but did not find any exit. I checked with local people on where the exit is and each one had their own story. I wish if I had more time to explore this place.

We continued further and it was raining heavily. We were being watched by the military from far away as we trekked further.  Army did their duty of ID verification, checkup and we had to answer few questions individually. This is the third line of control from Line of Control. We had our packed lunch here and continued our trek further. Next is the Satsar lake which is formed for more than five lakes, but appears more like a single large lake. We continued our trek in the rain, it was more of a flat walk and climbing up and down the huge boulders.

  After crossing all of these boulders, soon after the Satsar lake was a small patch of land where we camped next to the stream. The campsite is in the middle of mountain peaks on three sides and on one side you get to see the depth and the mountains below. This view is the most beautiful as you can see the peaks playing hide and seek in the clouds below. We had a hot cup of soup sitting on top of a flat stone a bit away from our camp site. A perfect place to relax and view the nature’s beauty. We were lucky that it stopped raining and our cameras were out again. We had early dinner and it was around four degrees at night. We spent time outside our campsite, managed to capture some long exposure night shots. The moon looked like sun in most of the long exposure shots.  

Another perfect day, even though it was raining heavily. I enjoyed almost every minute of the Kashmir Great Lakes trek and is a must do trek for everyone atleast once in your lifetime. Known for it’s beautiful landscape and a perfect place for some serious photography. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. I will be writing about Day 6 in a while with photos and videos. Enjoy watching the video below of Day 5 and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and to follow me on social media.