Trek to Jwara – Hampta Pass Trek – Day 2

The second day of the Hampta Pass trek to Jwara from Jobra is an Elysium. The best landscape, waterfall, flower bed, hiking trail right next to the stream, through the boulders and ice-cold stream crossing. In addition, a beautiful campsite where clouds and fog play hide and seek with ice-clad mountains. A perfect place for a nature lover.

Jwara Campsite - Hampta Pass Trek
Jwara Campsite – Hampta Pass Trek

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Jobra campsite

Jobra Campsite - Ravindra Joisa - Hampta Pass.jpg
Jobra Campsite – Hampta Pass Trek

The golden hours at Jobra campsite, in the evening and early morning, are ideal hours for photographers to get some amazing shot. The campsite at Jobra is just before the wooden bridge. Trekkers usually spend their time enjoying the view where they had come from on the previous day or next to this wooden bridge. ‘Rani Nalla’, the stream nearby is the main source of water at this campsite.

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The first half of the trail to Jwara

Jobra Campsite - Wooden Bridge - Rani Nalla
Jobra Campsite – Wooden Bridge – Rani Nalla

Day 2 of the trek starts from this wooden bridge and almost a flat walk in the meadows, followed by a gradual climb uphill. This is where the trail gets narrower. The entire trail till Jwara campsite is right next to the Rani Nalla. The trail is full of boulders and unnamed seasonal waterfalls. The ideal time to visit this place is during monsoon where you get too many small waterfalls. Also, less snow in the lower region. During monsoon, you may expect snow only near the Hampta Pass and you may find snow patch on the way up. In addition, as you walk along the banks of the Rani Nalla, you get to see the Maple and Pine forests around.

Waterfall in the Hampta Pass Trail near Jobra
Waterfall in the Hampta Pass Trail near Jobra

The tricky place

Jwara campsite - Tunnel View - Hampta Pass trek
Jwara campsite – Tunnel View – Hampta Pass trek

The trail is slippery and right next to the stream. The trail is narrow, full of huge boulders and can be tricky in some places. There is one place where you are directly under the waterfall. The view is breathtaking and you get to see wild horse grazing and also if you are lucky you even get to see vulture. Once you reach the top of the stream is where the final adventure of the day begins. To reach the Jwara campsite, the crossing of the ice-cold stream is a must. Be prepared for a slow crossing in this ice-cold water as the stream is full of sharp stones. In addition, the current and water level might be higher. You may even find a tent where they sell toffees, biscuits, maggie, and cold drinks, but cannot be guaranteed.

Rainbow and the tunnel view
Rainbow and the tunnel view

The last few steps before Jwara campsite

Jwara campsite
Jwara campsite – Hampta Pass Trek

Once you cross the stream, the trail is a 20-degree gradual ascent till Jwara campsite. The trail is full of wildflowers and meadows. If you look back at the trail that you had just covered, the view appears more like a tunnel where dramatic cloud movements are seen. Therefore, an ideal place to get some timelapse videos. Meanwhile, you may want to watch the YouTube video below where I have made some timelapse of this location. Few meters further is the Jwara campsite. In the evening, you may visit the nearby waterfall and go on handpicking of wild strawberries.

Meadows and wildflowers - Hampta Pass trek
Meadows and wildflowers – Hampta Pass trek

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To conclude, the day is full of adventure and a short hike – with too many waterfalls, a slippery trail full of boulders, stream crossing. In addition, check out my YouTube video and do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and to follow me on Instagram – @ravindrajoisa