Trekking through Naranag Forest

naranag forest
Pine Forest

Captured this image on the last day of Kashmir Great Lakes Himalayan trekking at Naranag Forest. On the last day we had to trek from Satsar to Naranag covering more than twenty plus kilometers and had stopped in between only once for about 30 minutes near Gangbal twin lake for lunch. I went there during monsoon, second week of Aug’13. This place is known for it’s beautiful landscape. You reach this place after almost 5 to 6 days of trekking crossing the Gadsar pass which is at 13,750 feet.

Why I love this shot and have written a separate blog spot on this is the difficulty involved in capturing this image. I have seen many photos of Kashmir Great Lakes but not one of this kind. Here are the details on how the place was at that time, the difficulty in capturing the image and also the EXIF data.

When I captured this image: it was raining, cloudy day, mist around clearing once in a while with a visibility of around 10-20 meters in some of the places. My camera gear was heavy almost 7 kgs, we had to trek from Satsar to Naranag (not Gangbal) and people were almost half dead to walk any further. No one had the patience to get their camera out and shoot, entire Naranag forest trail was sticky, muddy and slippery (as it was raining) and also low light as it was in the evening at 5:40 pm in the forest. Also, it was a really long walk down the slope through the Naranag forest. The camera was hand held and not on top of a stone or any kind of tripod or mono pod. You can get a feel of how it was on the last day by watching this video below:

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Camera: Nikon D600 (full frame), Lens: Nikon 14-24mm (FX lens),  F-stop: f/5, Exposure: 1/100 sec, ISO 400, Focal length: 14mm, Metering: Pattern, No flash, No Tripod.

Download high quality image without watermark here: [simpleecommcart_add_to_cart id=”3″ showprice=”no” ]

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