Using Framing in Composition

Have captured an image. That’s great. But how different or unique is that shot that you just captured? For your photo to become more popular you don’t need to go in search of different places on earth or climb up the mountain peaks. You can capture the same shot which all of them upload in the internet but in a unique way. Wondering how ? Here is one way to do that. Using framing in composition of an image.

temple framing and composition
Chennakesava Temple at Somanathapura, Mysore, KA, India built in 1268 C.E

Composing an image plays an important role and framing is one way to get viewers attention or to create a successful image. Capture a photo without framing in it, it would look rather flat when compared to an image taken with the framing while composing. A  photo without any framing is just another ordinary shot. In the above shot, I have used the pillars on both the sides and the above slab on top. At the bottom and sides the diagonal lines (leading lines) to the left and right draws the attention of user from these pillars straight to the temple which is at the center.

Here is another example of Kutub Minar in India. You will find lot of images of this historic place but a rare shot of this kind. Try to keep the shot as unique as possible. This will definitely attract viewers attention. See that in the above image the main subject is not at the center of the image and it need not be. Just trying to get a unique shot.

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This is a nature shot. Try searching for spots of this kind so that you can form a natural frame. Something like in between the trees, bark, leaves, etc. Captured this on the way back from my Himalayan trek to Roopkund.

Here is another one. Captured this early in the morning, the entrance of Mysore palace. The entrance to this palace acts like a frame to the palace which is far away from the main entrance.

Here are few thing that you might want to follow for better framing in composition:

  • Move around to find the right framing for your image instead of standing right in front of the object and capturing an image.
  • A wide angle lens may be of good use as shown in the above image that I had captured. Here (Chennakesava Temple at Somanathapura) I have used Nikon AF-S ED Nikkor 14-24mm F/2.8 G.
  • Try to have a foreground for framing. The foreground subject need not be fully visible, but for a viewer it should make sense as to what it is.
  • Try using shallow depth of field to make the foreground and framing element out of focus.
  • Use the diagonal lines or leading lines to draw viewers attention to the main subject.

If you just capture an image, it might be just another shot. So, to get the ‘wow’ feeling, you need to create them. Try doing that in your camera while capturing instead of manipulating that in post editing. You need not follow all of them in one attempt, try adding one of the points mentioned above every time you capture a photo. It might take sometime but will definitely make you happy and get more viewers. Leave a comment on what you think and if you want to share more tips. And don’t forget to share this article and to follow me on social media for more tips.