Should I buy a DSLR with a twisting LCD screen?

DSLR with a twisting LCD screen

Few of my friends have asked me this question – Should I buy a DSLR with a twisting LCD screen (Ex: Nikon D750)? Many of the latest DSLRs come with twisting LCD screen and you find many more in the market from different brands with twisting LCD screen. But should you consider the twisting LCD screen when you buy a DSLR ? Here are few things that you might want to consider.

Having a twisting LCD screen in your DSLR may help you angle it up and down. All that you need to do is switch to Live View mode. By default in most of the DSLR cameras this will be turned off and you will have to see using view finder. But viewing through view finder has some limitations. Using twisting LCD screen it is easy to capture images from high and low angles. As you can see in the above images, it is helpful while capturing HD videos. You can rotate it the way you want. Another good example would be to place your DSLR on a tripod with the center column raised. This would definitely be taller than your height and this is when you need to tilt your LCD screen down so that you can see comfortably. Other example would be to hold the camera at ground level without having to roll on the ground. The disadvantage would be that extensive use of this twist LCD screen over the time might break the screw that is attaching the LCD with the camera and that should not be a major issue to fix. Some LCD screens can be twisted 180 degree, with it’s screen facing the camera – which can protect the LCD from accidental scratch or damage.

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So, If you have not made a choice of which camera to buy then check this out РWhich DSLR should I buy? For those who have already made a choice of a DSLR camera which has twisting LCD screen in it, then go for it and even if there is no twist option in it then there is nothing to worry. You can always buy an external LCD screen which can be either mounted on top of your camera or externally which has a larger screen.