Trek to Jobra Campsite – Hampta Pass – Day 1

Every time you google trekking in the Himachal Pradesh, the first hike that comes to mind is the Hampta Pass. Hampta Pass is a famous hike if you are in Himachal, India. Also, this is a 5-6 days hike and an ideal hike for beginners to get that true Himalayan hiking experience. Additionally, you will be covering the most picturesque lake after the trek. The trek starts from Jobra and ends at Chhatru. The trek has some breathtaking landscapes, stream crossing and many more. However, I recommend a short weekend hike before attempting this trek. For instance, you might want to go for a weekend hike to the western ghats.

Pine forest in the Kullu Manali valley on the way to Jobra basecamp - Hampta Pass
Pine forest as you drive uphill to Jobra campsite. Copyright: Ravindra Joisa

In this post, I will be covering the first day of reaching the campsite located at Jobra, the basecamp for Hampta Pass. After that, I will be sharing more posts for each of my days spent on this slope. In addition, you might want to check the video on YouTube which is at the end of the post. So, consider subscribing to my channel – link.

Staying a bit outside of Manali town can keep you away from the tourist crowd. Also, booking a room on the mountain slopes with a beautiful view can be a memorable stay. Gather enough ration needed for your hike and pack your backpack. Because there are no shops on reaching basecamp or on the way up. However, you might find a few huts during the trek where you can have maggie, tea, and snacks.

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Drive to Jobra campsite

There is no public transport available to reach Jobra campsite. The only option would be to hire an expensive jeep drive to the top. This will cost around ₹ 2600 per vehicle which you can share among other trekkers. However, if time permits, then it can easily be a one day hike to the Jobra campsite. It is a picturesque drive from Manali to Jobra with some 40+ hairpin curves and a one hour drive uphill. The panoramic view of Kullu valley with the mountain slopes full of pine trees is just breathtaking.

Rani Nallah. Trekker crossing over the stream. Copyright: Ravindra Joisa

The short trek to basecamp

The drive starts from Manali bus stand and ends near the hydel plant and the reservoir. After that, you will have to hike for another 45 minutes from here to reach basecamp. As you enter the forest, the trail is through the pine trees, a few maple trees. In addition, the last stretch as you come out of the forest area is the meadows. The hike is right next to the Rani Nallah / stream. Likewise, the next three campsites are right next to this stream till you reach Hampta pass.

Jobra campsite - Hampta Pass trek in the Himalayas, India
Jobra Campsite – Day 1 of Hampta Pass trek. Copyright: Ravindra Joisa

To sum up, there isn’t much of a hike on day one. It is more of an uphill drive followed by a short hike. But, the scenery that you get to see on the way is breathtaking. Also, even at the Jobra campsite, the view above the cloud is heavenly. Explore the campsite at Jobra. Spend some time next to the wooden bridge and a small waterfall nearby. Similarly, you get to see many unnamed waterfalls all along the trail.

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My advice would be to spend less time inside the camp and explore the campsite around. Enjoy the clean air, morning mist, clear night sky, etc. It might rain at times. So, I recommend, to carry an umbrella or a rain cover. The temperature drops below 5 degrees Celcius. Therefore, having an additional layer of clothing is advised.

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