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Prevent Blur Photos - Ravindra Joisa Photography

Captured an image and not wondering why the image is a blur? Well, this a common issues most of us face while capturing images. The main culprit is the camera shake which should have been considered while capturing.

Use of camera under low light without a tripod and by just playing with aperture and shutter.

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Here are few things to consider to prevent blur images.
    • Low light. The camera needs more light and this can be achieved using shutter and aperture.
    • Keep the aperture wide open f2.8 etc. This allows the camera sensor to capture more light.
    • Shutter speed. Make sure that the shutter speed is always more than the zoom range. Example: for 55mm the shutter should not be lesser than 1/60th of a second.
    • For zoom lenses, vary the shutter as per the zoom value.
    • Try increasing ISO under low light.
    • Use a tripod, not just some ordinary free tripod that you get along with your camera – Read more on tripods here – link.
    • Switch on VR (Vibration reduction) or IS (Image stabilization), but don’t be fully dependent on it.
    • Capture in RAW and take manual control instead of automatic.
    • Once you capture, check the image on the display screen. Zoom into the image and check the edges of an object.
    • For those using HDR, make sure that you don’t move while capturing HRD images. You will capture 2 to 3 different images at different time intervals in a very small interval of time. It then stitches these images together.

Dal Lake, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, India
Captured this late in the evening. This is a long…

Posted by Ravindra Joisa Photography on Thursday, November 5, 2015

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There are other reasons, in case the subject moves, in which case you will have to use camera panning technique. You need to master this to get those right shot with controlled blur along with the focus on the subject. The only solution would be to practice.

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