Trek from Nichnai to Vishnusar lake – Day 3

It was the second night in our small tent. We could hardly sleep because of heavy rain, lightening and thunder storm. But still enjoyed the night as I went out with my camera and tripod soon after the rain. It was clear sky and I managed to get few low light shots. Had an amazing experience on the first two days of trekking. Checkout these links to know more about the first two days:

Nachnai to vishnusar lake

Day 3 starts with crossing of stream over a snow patch/bridge, which is just few minutes away from our camp site. Followed by this is the gradual climb to the Nachnai pass which is an easy forty degree climb. This is one place where I could call back home and there was signal strength of just one stick on my Airtel network that too in one corner. It’s a long walk in the meadows. Enjoy the snow covered peaks, never seen huge mountain slopes and beautiful landscape. On the way you will find few shepherds huts.

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Once at Nachnai pass you may feel the altitude and this is just the third day  and second day of your trek.  This pass is at an altitude of 13500 feet. To the left you will find glaciers. Not just one, but three of them, one after the other and in between are the sharp edged isosceles triangle shaped mountain peaks.  

Continue to walk in the meadows full of pink and purple flowers and also small stream flowing along. You can go close to these glaciers to get that extra trill. These are hanging glaciers and are risky to go too close. You can hear the snow melting and flowing under the glacier and also see the stream coming out underneath the glacier. The route here may not be ideal to walk, but the stones here look very different, made of layers – graphite like. Continue to walk. there is a stream crossing. Just turn back and you will find a waterfall. I doubt if these waterfalls have any name but these are not small ones.

Continue to walk along the valley. There are a few shepherds huts again. As you continue to walk further, you will see that the valley now divides to the right and left. Take a left, and here you will have to cross another stream. This is more like a river crossing. You can easily manage and it’s not too deep. The water that you see here is from vishnusar lake. Once you cross this stream is the vishnusar campsite.

You can spend you evening near the lake or just go around with your camera. I would recommend to stay inside tent only to sleep. Spend as much time as possible outside the camp. Also, it’s not just the lake the you need to see. At the time of sunset just turn back and see the golden colored mountain peaks. This is where you will feel the actual drop in temperature close to zero. No campfires allowed in this region, but again there are better ways to enjoy the evening, You may try to get some galaxy shots.

You may camp just before the Vishnusar lake or climb up for another hour near Krishnasar Lake. Vishnusar lake is not visible from campsite and you need to climb up for 5 minutes to see the lake. It’s one of the most beautiful lakes. Don’t forget to see the Gadsar peak and pass from the left of Vishnusar lake. Check out the video (480p min.) below of day 3 and leave a comment  below. Don’t forget to follow me on social media and subscribe to my Youtube channel.