Capture Cityscape during Nightfall

The cityscape image of buildings and city traffic that you see here is from outer ring road at Bangalore City in India, usually crowded and full of traffic during daytime. The same place at night looks completely different after sunset. The images captured at dusk adds mood and extra dimension to the image.

Here are few things that you might want to consider while capturing cityscape at dusk:

  • Capturing cityscape during nightfall requires a sturdy tripod. Read more on Tripod here.
  • Wireless or shutter cable release is a must.
  • A lens with aperture going up to f2.8 will be helpful. I preferably, use 14-24mm f2.8 lens or 50mm f1.4 lens.
  • The first 30-45 minutes after sunset (or golden hours) is the ideal time to capture photos.
  • The street light (usually the sodium vapor lamp, incandescent) will be a dominant light source during this time.
  • If it is too dark then make sure, fill the frame with well-lit objects.
  • Capture in RAW format so that you can edit later.
  • Do not increase the ISO to max unless needed as it might add noise, instead, lower the aperture close to f2.8 or lower and increase the shutter.
  • While editing, increase the shadows and decrease the highlights.

These are some of the basic rules that you need to follow which are simple, to get the best out of your camera. You need not have an expensive f2.8 lens to capture this. Just practice more to get the best out of your camera. Check out the time-lapse of Bangalore cityscape. Each frame in this time-lapse video is a long exposure shot captured for a certain period of time. Watch the video in HD for better quality.
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